portrait of Jay Friso

Jay Friso

Programmer and Game Designer

Hi, my name is Jay Friso, and I am a gamer, game developer, and game enthusiast currently living in Vancouver. I like making casual games that anyone can enjoy, and games with unique game mechanics. I also love being part of the local game-dev scene. I helped create and run AGDA, the UBC game development club, as well as contribute and volunteer in game jams such as Global Game Jam and BC Game Jam.

Community Involvement

President of AGDA, UBC’s Game Dev Club

AGDA creates new, engaging games by melding together collective student talents. The club also has ties to Vancouver's gaming industry and brings in speakers from various game studios. You can find more about AGDA at amsgda.com.

Event Organizer for the BC Game Jam

To host the BC Game Jam 2017, the game development clubs from UBC, BCIT, and SFU banded together to form BUS. You can view the photo gallery and games at bcgamejam.com.

game jammers at desk, photo by JunHa Pyeon